Easy to make! Replacing Zipper with Button!

Published : 10/07/2017 08:00:00
Categories : MC2-Patterns , Written by Eugenia Zorina

Inspired by the Royal Ascot, I decided: "I need pink jumpsuits – right now!"

Pink fabric bought, patterns downloaded and assembled. But...

For my first jumpsuit, “cut-sew” instruction suggested a zipper inserted at the back...

What's the panic about? - I've got a spandex material and I'm not that good with sewing in zippers!..

Well-well-well... I've got to do something else instead!

The zipper can be easily replaced with a button and a loop. I've made a loop of the same material and attached it to the back neck. It turned out looking very piquant ))

In my second jumpsuit, I should have made buttonholes on the shoulders. Hmmm... not a very good option for me.

And I've replaced the buttons and buttonholes by the ties on one shoulder and stitched the other.
I've cut out two long strips of fabric same width as the shoulder. Stitched them to the shoulder - voilà! - I've got a pretty bow!

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