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Published : 10/11/2017 23:20:10
Categories : Written by Eugenia Zorina

Reason 1. Convenience

A fabric bag is really comfortable.
It is placed many products at once and it will not tear as opposed to the plastic bag. You no longer have to worry that the handle may just about burst or that the tomatoes through the hole will scatter around the store.

The bag can be hung on the shoulder and it's much more convenient than dragging the weight in your hands.

A bag made of durable fabric can be easily washed (and this must be done, otherwise it becomes a home for uninvited guests-bacteria).

A bag made of lightweight fabric is easy to keep folded and always be at hand.

Reason 2. Eco-friendly

Let's estimate how many packages we take from different stores in a week.
Have you run several times for food? Did you make a big purchase of everything you need for a week?
Presumably, 10 packages a week is obtained?
Then in a month it will turn out 40 pieces, and in a year 480! ..

The service life of a conventional plastic bag is 1-2 hours (from the store to the house) and then it is sent to the garbage:
- in processing, which requires resources,
- or to a landfill, where it decomposes for 10-20 years depending on the plastic.

480 packages against several handy bags that can last more than a year! There is something to think about, is not it?

Reason 3. Multi-functionality

A fabric bag can be useful not only for shopping.

It can be placed on a bench in the park, if the bench is of questionable cleanliness.

You can throw in it necessary at hand in the cabin little things.

Or use it as a beach bag.

It may become an original packaging for a gift, replacing a pile of wrapping paper that is discarded immediately.

Reason 4. Cost-effectiveness

Durable cloth bag saves money, because not all plastic bags are free of charge.

But not only!
The bag is able to save us nerves, helping out in the most unexpected situations, and it's even more valuable than money, right?

Reason 5. Stylish and beautiful

Few would argue that the plastic bag is able to add a twist to the image. But the bag will cope with this task.

By choosing an interesting fabric or adding your own design (print, embroidery, appliqué, etc.) you can create a unique thing in your own style.

But style is not only about the clothes and the combination, it is also a lifestyle - the smart and eco-friendly)))

So - this is FIVE reasons why you might want to sew yourself a new bag.

But there is one more, REASON 6:
IT IS SO EASY, that even a beginner can sew it!

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