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  • mc2-1305 Slouchy Beanie Hat
    Slouchy Beanie Hat

    Digital PDF-pattern for sewing a Slouchy Beanie Hat (as easy as 1-2-3)).

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  • mc2-1307 Arm Warmers
    Arm Warmers

    Digital PDF-pattern for sewing Easy-to-Make Arm Warmers - the perfect...

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  • mc2-1306 Easy Mittens
    Easy Mittens

    Digital PDF-pattern for sewing Easy-to-Make Mittens - the perfect...

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Our Collection of FREE Patterns

Published : 28/11/2019 08:00:00
Categories : MC2-Patterns

Our FREEBIES are an excellent opportunity to:

  • learn about our products
  • try to download and process digital sewing patterns
  • see how our patterns and instructions look and work.

This is a very convenient way that enables you to make a rational decision on a purchase.

Just choose one of our free designs and have a go!

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