How to Cut Velveteen

Published : 07/11/2019 04:28:41
Categories : MC2-Patterns

Before cutting, you should find out in which direction the pile lies. Lay the corduroy face up and stroke your hand on the surface:

✔️if the hand goes “along with the fur”, the pile is directed downward;
✔️"against the fur" - the pile is directed upwards.

Opinions of experts, regarding whether the pile on the product should go up or down, diverge:

✔️Thin and soft velveteen often being cut with pile upward.
✔️A wide-line and high-pile velveteen usually would be cut with pile down.

So it is up to you which way to choose:

✔️Pile up - the colour seems richer, but dust and so on will stick to the finished product.
✔️Pile down - the colour will be paler, but dust clings less and clothes are easier to clean.

The most important:
When working with velveteen always lay out the pattern pieces in one direction. So, regardless of the direction of the pile, parts of the garment will look the same colour.

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