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How to... take the MAIN body-measurements correctly

Published : 06/12/2017 11:55:54
Categories : MC2-Patterns

HEIGHT: Measure standing flat with bare feet.

BUST: Measure around the body at the fullest part of the bust, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.

UNDERBUST: Measure around the body right under the bust, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.

WAIST: Measure the natural waist, i.e. the smallest circumference just above the belly button. Tying a piece of elastic/string firmly around the waist allows vertical measurements to be taken more accurately.

HIPS: Measure the widest part - this is generally between 18-25cm (7"-10") down from the waistline.

HIPS plus BELLY BULGE (Full-Hips Measurement): Measure taking into account belly bulge, i.e. this measurement is always greater than Hips. You can take the full-hips measurement over something vertically down from your tummy (e.g. a ruler or just your hand).

NECK: Measure the base of the neck touching the front collarbone.

BICEP (Upper Arm): Measure the bicep with the arm bent.

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