Let's talk about LINEN today

Published : 03/12/2019 08:00:00
Categories : MC2-Patterns

The world likes linen material for:

  • environmentally friendliness - natural origin of raw materials;

  • high thermal conductivity and breathability. It was found that in hot weather, the body temperature of a person in clothes made of linen material is much lower than in clothes made of other material;

  • linen fabric is a natural antiseptic. It is proved that pathogenic microflora and fungal spores do not survive on it;

  • increased wear resistance;

  • antistatic properties; static electricity does not accumulate on this material;

  • physico-chemical characteristics of linen material, namely strength and hygroscopic properties make it very popular in modern life.

The disadvantages of linen fabric that should be considered:

  • high creasing;

  • great shrinkage when washing for the first time;

  • fraying at the edges;

  • does not keep shape.

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