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  • mc2-1305 Slouchy Beanie Hat
    Slouchy Beanie Hat

    Digital PDF-pattern for sewing a Slouchy Beanie Hat (as easy as 1-2-3)).

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    Arm Warmers

    Digital PDF-pattern for sewing Easy-to-Make Arm Warmers - the perfect...

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    Easy Mittens

    Digital PDF-pattern for sewing Easy-to-Make Mittens - the perfect...

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Lined Midi Dress with Wrap-Front Layered-Skirt & 3/4-Sleeve

Published : 14/01/2019 02:57:16
Categories : Written by Eugenia Zorina

This pattern was inspired by Wilkie striped silk and cotton-blend seersucker wrap-dress by GANNI.

Our pattern has got a lining at the top, as it is intended for making a woven-fabric dress from a light-weight natural material.

However, if your fabric is dense enough and not transparent, the dress could be made without lining. That is the way the sample dress was made and I really like it.

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