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Ready-Made Yoke off an Old Jeans

Published : 14/08/2017 08:00:00
Categories : MC2-Patterns , Written by Eugenia Zorina

I have to proudly admit – I'm terribly fond of "saving" things.
...And not so proudly – I hate working with the fasteners...

Our pattern "Harem Pants with Buttoned Yoke & Pockets" (mc2-9007) is built on a yoke with buttonholes. It took me ages messing with them when I was making pants for myself... Therefore, when the eldest son said: "Mom, can I have this kind of pants? And may they be like jeans?"- I first went to his closet.
Hmmm... Jeans, jeans, jeans...
AHA! As making the yoke is "too much" for me – I SHALL USE A READY-MADE ONE!

At the end of the day, I have utilised two old jeans.

Pants # 1:

  1. Carefully cut off the top part - it will be the yoke (the cut must be 2-3 cm/1 inch below the zipper so that there is enough width for the seam allowance attaching the lower part of the future pants).
  2. Cut the leg parts open at the inside-leg seams (got 2 pieces).

Pants # 2:

  1. Only the bottom part needed, i.e. the leg parts themselves - cut them as high as possible.
  2. Also, cut the leg parts open at the inside-leg seams (got 2 more pieces).

All those pieces were steam IRONED.

CUT out using mc2-9007 pattern:

2 front leg-parts,
2 back leg-parts,
4 pocket-bag pieces.

SEWED the pants following mc2-9007 instructions.
Then INSERTED the ready-made yoke.


1. My son has new pants,
2. Old jeans have a second life,
3. And I avoided work that I do not like!

PS. What else can I save?.. )))
PPS. If your pattern pieces are larger than the cuts of pants - stitch unused bits to wherever you need.

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