Rihanna-style Oversized Harem Jumpsuit

Published : 15/12/2018 17:00:00
Categories : Written by Eugenia Zorina

Once again about choosing correct materials.

For each product, we give advice on the choice of fabric and it is very important to pay attention to it.
Why? I'll tell about my experience with the absolutely incredible Rihanna-style jumpsuit. It has to be made ONLY from a very light & stretchy fabric in order to drape well and flare following every movement.

I have sewn mine out of a heavy velvet and it was beautifully photographed. But live with this jumpsuit happen to be rather difficult, as the heavy drapes of fabric were heavy down and all the time getting under my feet...

After the photo shoot, I chopped this garment into two and got harem pants and a very nice long tunic.

Well, the jumpsuit-project would have to be repeated. Following the recommendations for materials, of course)))

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