«Velveteen Week»

Published : 06/11/2019 00:03:48
Categories : MC2-Patterns

According to different historical versions, the creation of velveteen is connected either with the English city of Manchester (“Manchester velveteen”) or with France (“corduroy” - ribbed woollen rough fabric).Only aristocrats could afford velveteen because of the secrecy of production technology and high cost.

The word "velveteen" itself comes from the Latin "willus", which means "pile". Velveteen is a dense cotton fabric (usually with the addition of artificial fibres) with a pronounced texture of voluminous lines on the face side.

Kinds of Corduroy/Velveteen:

- Pincord / Needlecord
- Bedford Cord

Main characteristics of Corduroy/Velveteen:

✔️low creasing
✔️pleasant to the touch surface

This season, velveteen triumphantly returned to fashion from the 1970s. Originally this material was considered to be mainly for men. Jane Birkin was one of the first to go against stereotypes, starting to wear flared corduroy trousers. Today, clothes and accessories from the treasured material have replenished the collections of many fashion brands.

Enjoy creating your own collection of corduroy/velveteen garments this fall.

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