What to wear with Afghanis

Published : 13/11/2019 08:00:00
Categories : MC2-Patterns

Wide pants are the main emphasis in the outfit, so the top of the outfit should not be too voluminous and bright. It is better if the top is plain colour or has a modest print. Alladin pants (afghanis) go well with the following things:

  • clothing in a distinctive ethnic style;

  • elongated linen or cotton shirt, decorated with embroidery;

  • light silk tank-top;

  • narrow-fit t-shirt;

  • cropped blouse.

A good addition to the harem pants will be a belt with a massive buckle, a scarf with fringe, a shawl with playful tassels and bright, large jewellery in folklore style.

Also to complement the outfit, you can add textile or leather sacks, linen bags, bags with embroidery and beads.

Suitable shoes would be clogs, flip flops, wedge shoes or low heels.

Depending on the fabric and design of your choice, you can get absolutely different looks. Our collection of harem pants will help you with your creativity.

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