MC2-PATTERNS PLATFORM is a Sewing Pattern-making business, created, designed, maintained and supported by four family members. We put our joined effort from both the United Kingdom and the United States, but thanks to the internet we are able to perform well synchronised on a daily basis.

Our KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and EXPERIENCE are gained from education in Fashion Institutes, work in many sectors of apparel manufacturing industry, including men's outerwear, sportswear, jeans - and women's wear from lingerie to outerwear. There are years of producing garments with Chester Barrie/Austin Reed/Dewhirst in the UK, Clemart and Levi's in Greece, Ede & Ravenscroft in Russia, Brandtex in Denmark and few more under our belts.

We use EFFICIENT computer SOFTWARES for producing accurate digital sewing patterns and provide our buyers with easy-to-follow cutting guides. This is the area of our expertise. Drafting patterns is an art process with an "engineering" twist as it has to deliver precise results following a designer's “flowery” ideas.

Most of our audience do know how to use sewing patterns and the Internet is full of all sorts of them. What the global market is short of – correct-fit patterns. All levels of our customers - fashion designers, DIY sewists, dressmakers, small to medium garment manufacturers – will be able to benefit from using our downloadable made-to-measure patterns. These patterns could be used again and again with identical end products.

We AIM keeping you, our SMART AUDIENCE, INTERESTED enough to keep COMING BACK.